Five Reasons To See A Dentist Regularly

  1. There is an old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This saying is especially true about your dental health. Seeing a dentist regularly for exams and cleanings will prevent expensive and intensive dental procedures down the road and save you money. For example, when a dental cavity is detected before it breaks through the tooth enamel, it can sometimes be reversed and a filling is avoided. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Irby, your local dentist in Roanoke VA, have a special focus on prevention, so that you can maintain optimal dental health.
  2. Halitosis (or bad breath) can have negative effect on your daily interactions and social life. The number one cause of halitosis is ineffective oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are the answer, and technique is everything! Your dentist in Roanoke or dental hygienist will guide you to effectively eliminate halitosis through proper oral hygiene techniques.
  3. In the United States, there is 1 death per hour caused by head and neck cancer, on average. Additionally, there are over 50,000 Americans diagnosed with head and neck cancer each year. Mortality rate is reduced by early detection of head and neck cancer. Dentists are trained to recognize abnormal areas in the head and neck region. Your dentist in Roanoke has an important role in detecting head and neck cancers in their early stages. 
  4. Dental x-rays allow your dentist to detect issues early, before they can be noticed any other way. Some of the things your dentist may look for on an x-ray are small cavities, localized infections, early signs of TMJ, cysts of the jaw, and gum disease. Early detection means early intervention and better outcomes.
  5. As a human, you only get two sets of natural teeth. In most humans, the first set of teeth (baby teeth) is gone by age 12. The next set is up to you to maintain for a lifetime. Seeing your dentist in Roanoke regularly will ensure your teeth last as long as possible. Sure, tooth replacement options exist, but nothing will be as good as your original healthy tooth.


Contact us today if you need a dentist in Roanoke for regular dental care including preventative services like teeth cleaning. We also provide cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants in Roanoke.