A Modern Dental Practice

Dentistry Designed to be Comfortable

We want our patients to love coming to the dentist, and we believe that we have the best dental practice in Roanoke. Our practice is conveniently located in South Roanoke. There are many shops and restaurants nearby including Tangelwood Mall about one mile from us. We have our own parking lot, so no searching for street parking. Additionally, the Valley Metro Orange bus route runs nearby.

Roanoke Dental Waiting room comfort

Latest Digital Imaging Technology

Our technology is up to date. There is a computer monitor in each room. Our digital x-ray sensors and Panorex mean minimum radiation exposure when taking routine images. We use a professional grade Canon camera to communicate tooth shades with our dental lab, so that your crown and bridge restorations look natural and beautiful. We also have a little intra-oral camera that takes zoomed-in pictures inside of the mouth, so that you can see exactly what our doctors are looking at.

Dental xray Digital Panorex

Our digital Panorex means less radiation exposure during recommended routine imaging


Digital impressions – say goodbye to gooey impressions

Have you ever had an impression made for a mouthguard, denture, or crown? Was the gooey impression material one of the worst parts? Thanks to technology, these impressions are a thing of the past. Our office recently adopted the Trios Intraoral Scanner, so your impressions are now quick, easy, and free from the gooey mess. The scanner gives us a highly accurate 3D representation of your mouth in color.

In-Office 3D Printing  – Opening new possibilities in same day treatment

3D printing is a revolutionary technology in dentistry! It provides updated workflows, that save time and minimize expense of custom lab-work. We look forward to finding new ways to provide our patients with excellent dental care using this technology.

Comfortable dentistry done right

We designed our treatment rooms to be comfortable. Each room has a soft reclining patient chair. According to each patient’s preference, our staff plays music from Pandora. Patients are encouraged to bring their own music players with headphones if they would prefer. Our staff will offer a neck pillow for those who would benefit. Our doctors’ priority is to keep each patient comfortable during their dental care.

Modern comfortable treatment room Roanoke Dentist