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Pediatric Dentistry

Healthy mouths start at a young age. By bringing your child to the dentist early, you will help them avoid dental anxiety later in life and ensure that they are practicing healthy dental care habits.

Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Irby are both general dentists who enjoy seeing children and are proud to offer pediatric dentistry in Roanoke, Va. We encourage you to bring your little ones around the age when they get their first tooth.

Why do kids need to visit the dentist?

Routine child dental visits will allow for early detection of any dental problems, so that treatment is simple and affordable. At your child’s visit we will show them how to take care of their teeth. We will encourage healthy dental habits, so your child is motivated to take control of his or her dental health. One of the most beneficial reasons for your child to see the dentist, is so that he or she will gain confidence in the dental team and become comfortable in the dental office. At our practice, we are determined to make each children’s dental visit a positive and fun experience. After the appointment, your child will also get to visit the treasure box and pick a toy.

What happens if my child needs treatment?

If your child needs treatment such as a filling or extraction of a baby tooth, you can visit our clinic and consult Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Irby, who offer pediatric dentistry services in Roanoke, VA. Our philosophy is to provide treatment as long as it can be done without your child having a negative experience. We understand that kids are often uneasy with new and unfamiliar experiences. Our team will do whatever we can to make your child feel at ease. Sometimes very young children are better served by a sedation-qualified pediatric dentist in Roanoke if substantial dental work is necessary. In these cases, we still encourage bringing your child to see us for routine cleanings and exams. Once your child gains confidence in our practice, they are more likely to do well with dental treatments.

Note: We do not offer sedation services for children.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At what age should I start taking my kid to the dentist?

    Your child should see a dentist as soon as they get their first tooth or around 1 year of age, whichever comes first.

    How can I take care of my child’s teeth at home?

    Keep the gums clean using a damp gauze pad or washcloth. Once the first tooth comes in, brush the tooth or teeth twice daily using a small (size of a grain of rice) amount of fluoride toothpaste.