Emergency Dental Care

ATTENTION– Due to recent high demand for dental services, our emergency service is more limited than ever. We will keep emergency appointments available when possible. 

After hours on call service

540 632 0129

Note: We do not accept Medicaid insurance.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned Roanoke Dental emergency after hours dentist

Emergency Dentists in Roanoke

Dental emergencies arise at inopportune times, and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. When you experience a dental emergency, we are here to help. Call our office as soon as possible. If your emergency occurs after hours, call our after-hours phone number. We accept walk-in patients and same day treatment depends on the doctors’ schedule on that day. Patients having pain will be seen promptly!

After hours Emergency line:  (540)632-0129

Not sure if your dental problem is an emergency?

Your teeth and gums are important to your overall health. Research demonstrates the close connection between dental health and cardiovascular health. In extreme cases a dental abscess can spread to vital organs, resulting in hospitalization or worse. If you are experiencing dental pain, call us.

Are you visiting or traveling in Roanoke and suffering from tooth pain?

Perhaps you are in town for work or vacation and experience a dental emergency. Delaying treatment for a cracked tooth, loose filling or crown, or toothache can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to bigger problems. We can help. One of our doctors will diagnose the issue and work with you to find a solution.

Why are we the number one dental practice for dental emergencies?

Our doctors are highly trained in managing all types of dental emergencies. Dr. Ramsey has over 30 years of experience treating dental emergencies in the Roanoke area. He has seen it all, and is known for his ability to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, even when the issue is not obvious. Dr. Irby completed specific dental emergency training during his general practice residency in Asheville, NC. He served as the On Call emergency dentist at Mission hospital. Dr. Irby is proficient at treating dental trauma and severe dental abscesses. Whatever the emergency is- patients seen at our practice are in good hands.

Common dental emergencies include:

Tooth Ache
Object caught between teeth
Knocked Out Permanent Tooth
Loose Teeth
Sore And Swollen Gums
Broken or cracked or chipped Tooth/Teeth
Tooth Extractions
Broken Jaw
And other dental emergencies

Emergency Services We Provide:

Tooth Extractions (including wisdom teeth)
Root canal treatment
Bonding to repair chips or fractures
Splinting to protect loose teeth
Repair of broken denture or partial
Draining of abscess
Application of tooth desensitizer

More information from the American Dental Association