Dental Care and COVID-19: Is It the Right Time to See the Dentist?

Your dental care needs don’t stop because of Coronavirus. If you need dental treatment or have an appointment for routine care, is it the right time to go? While all dentists are different and have their own distinctive protocols in place due to the pandemic, you can still see your dental provider in Roanoke. As long as you use the same precautions and preventative measures that you would for other appointments or errands, you should be able to attend your appointments.

Should you be worried about going to the dentist right now? Here’s what you need to know:

Be Honest and Thorough

It is important to be honest and thorough when screened or filling out paperwork for your appointment- perhaps now more than ever! If you have been exposed to illness or simply aren’t feeling well, tell us. We can reschedule for a time that works better and that won’t put anyone at further risk.

Stick to the Basics

Go ahead and stick to the basic guidelines for preventing virus transmission. This includes bringing and wearing a mask as required by most businesses in the region and maintaining a six-foot distance between yourself and others. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to your dentist who will be performing your exam or procedure but stick to general guidelines that prevent transmission when possible.

Wash Well

Your dental team will wash their hands and sanitize their surroundings regularly. Make sure to wash your own hands well and carry sanitizer with you. Coronavirus is transmitted often through contaminated surfaces; while the jury is out on the exact length of time that the COVID-19 germs can thrive on various surfaces, you are certainly going to be most at-risk in situations where people are handling things, like doorknobs, magazines, or ATM machines. Look out for your wellbeing with frequent use of a quality alcohol hand sanitizing product.

Go to the Dentist Alone

This is a good time to go to the dentist alone and avoid bringing any guests to your dental appointment. They could get sent away by office staff amidst social distancing guidelines and you don’t want them stuck waiting for you in the car. If you are going to have a procedure that requires a driver, your dentist will inform you so you can arrange someone to accompany you, as needed.

Follow Instructions

Always follow the instructions provided by your dentist when scheduling and confirming your appointment. Give a call or message to confirm your appointment before you actually go, and this is a good time to ask any questions related to your treatment. Still confused by what to do when you get to the appointment? Call and ask; practitioners are accustomed to the confusion right now and are happy to clarify unclear information for their patients.

Is it safe to visit the dentist right now?  Visit the office of Dr. Irby in Roanoke, VA, and have peace of mind that you are being protected and that the environment is safe. During this uncertain time, a bit of prevention and precaution can go a long way; stay healthy and see your dental provider, as needed.