5 Reasons Not to Cancel your Dentist Appointment Right Now

dental appointments

It may seem that the pragmatic thing to do is to cancel any non-emergency related appointments right now amid the Coronavirus situation, which could include routine visits with dental providers. The truth is, this is not the time to cancel your appointments or disrupt your schedule; take precautions and attend your dental appointment- unless instructed by your dentist otherwise.

Five reasons to think twice about canceling your dental appointment are:

  1. COVID-19
  2. The uncertainty of COVID-19 might make you consider canceling, but it is also the first reason to go. Maintaining dental health is key in staying well and your dental practitioner will have guidelines and protocols in place to keep patients safe. Wear a mask, attend your appointment alone, and keep your distance from other patients and staff; don’t cancel.

  3. Pain Relief
  4. It makes sense to attend your appointment, obviously to address any existing issues or problems before they get worse. Are you currently experiencing dental pain? If so, it is crucial to have a dentist examine your mouth. If you have pain, you may have an infection which can lead to other, significant medical issues.

  5. Impact on Holistic Health
  6. So, dental well-being is closely related to physical and mental health, and if your oral health suffers, you could be more susceptible to becoming ill. Did you know that untreated gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to heart, lung, and brain problems? Some of the repercussions of the accumulation of tartar and plaque on the teeth include the potential of this plaque traveling through the bloodstream to bodily organs. The results may include stroke or heart attack in some instances.

  7. Local Economy
  8. Another reason why you should not cancel your dentist appointment is to show support and solidarity for your local economy during this uncertain time. Even if your insurance covers the exam or appointment, you are spending money each time you visit your practitioner – which most small businesses and professionals need now more than ever. Keep your appointment and help keep your favorite practitioners and providers in business during the pandemic.

  9. Consistency
  10. Consistency is key when it comes to dental health, and the anxiety surrounding attending dental examinations- especially with younger patients. Consistent appointments help to alleviate fear and discomfort in future appointments. If you miss your dental appointment, it may take longer or cause more angst to clean and descale your teeth when you do finally see a dentist. Maintain your oral health and overall well-being by attending your appointment and remember that consistency is key with kids or fearful patients.

Consider these five reasons why you should plan on attending and seeing your dental provider. It may seem easier to cancel dental appointments right now, but if you use precautions and follow the directives of your dentist, you should go. Now is the right time to visit the dentist and reclaim a sense of normalcy over everyday living. Touch base with the office of your dental provider to determine any guidelines or restrictions that could be in place due to Coronavirus; go ahead and confirm your appointment at the same time.