Dental Implants for Seniors – Why Seniors Need it and What are the Benefits?

dental implants for seniors

As people age, there are many changes to embrace and adapt to. However, change does not mean you must compromise your current lifestyle and joy. With proper care, you can continue to live your ideal life, regardless of your age.

Appearance is one of the most obvious changes that occurs – this includes your teeth. If you are a senior who is tired of painful or broken teeth or if you have limitations caused by tooth loss, call to learn more about your options, such as dental implants. You do not have to allow age and tooth loss to limit your joy and happiness. Dental implants can provide you with a smile that you are proud of.

How Does it Work?

When you visit our dental office, we will begin by performing an examination and taking X-rays. One of the things we will look for is the volume and density of your jawbone. It is important that the jawbone is adequate to support the dental implant. Think of the dental implant as a screw that goes into a piece of wood. If the screw is wider than the wood, it will not be secure. If the jawbone lacks density or volume, the implant will not be as secure as it needs to be.

The Benefits of Dental Implants Include:

Dental implants are long-lasting, because they are inserted in your jawbone to be sturdy, strong, and resilient. The teeth, or ‘caps’, can be shaped, colored, and matched to your replaced missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically positioned and fuse with the jawbone over the next few months. The implanted teeth are not going to move or feel uncomfortable; in fact, when you talk and eat, dental implants should fee natural, just like your own teeth.

With good oral care, dental implants last for 20 years- which can be a relief for seniors and one less thing for them to worry about!

Once you have your dental implants, you will not have the ongoing costs of other dental options. For instance, dentures can break and require maintenance. Also, if you lose or gain weight, dentures may not fit properly or feel uncomfortable. Implants are a one-time investment and a dental solution that is long-lasting. Dental implants have long-term cost advantages.

Think about how you will feel looking at those pictures of your grandkids when you can smile with all your pearly whites. Dental implants give seniors a chance to smile again without being concerned or embarrassed about missing teeth. Plus, dental implants can make patients look a whole lot younger!

Dental implants have a lot of advantages, but maybe the main thing is the versatility. Most people are candidates for dental implants; talk to your dentist to learn more. Implants are totally customizable and natural looking– people will not notice you got dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Sometimes, dental implants are used as a support structure for bridges or dentures. Dental implants are safe, and they make a seamless match, filling any flaws in your smile.

Additionally, dental implants play an important part in the overall health and well-being of seniors. When seniors are missing teeth for prolonged periods of time, it can create a shift in the jaw that reduces volume; the result is a sunken appearance. Gaps or spaces in your teeth can impact your bite and make it difficult to eat. It may also be tough to effectively clean, floss, and maintain your remaining teeth in these situations.

Dental implants, however, are a solution. They prevent this from happening by keeping the jawbone stable and in-place. Since they bite and chew like your natural teeth, you won’t have the issues with shifting that can cause oral complications later. Dental implants for seniors are an excellent tooth replacement option.

Your teeth could be affecting you more than you realize; how is your self-esteem? When a person feels confident, they feel better overall. This esteem and confidence contribute to a higher quality of life. If your smile makes you self-conscious, it is worth fixing. Dental implants offer a chance to regain esteem and feel better about yourself.

When it comes to eating, chewing, and biting, dental implants can allow seniors to enjoy foods that they had given up! Implants restore your bite, making chewing and eating easier and less uncomfortable. This can lead to holistic wellness as you may be able to once again eat wholesome, raw foods (like fresh veggies and fruits) that once caused pain or discomfort. Being able to properly chew your food also helps with digestion.

Why Choose Us?

By using dental implants to replace your missing teeth, we provide you with a full set of highly functional teeth that look natural. Dental implant costs are reasonable and no matter what you do or what you eat, they are surgically placed and will stay safe in your mouth. As a senior, you can replace your teeth with implants and enjoy retirement without any limitations. Call us at (540) 342-6800 and book an appointment today!