Creating Beautiful Healthy Smiles

Dr. Ramsey, Dr. Irby, and their caring team use the latest technology to create beautiful healthy smiles in a friendly and comfortable environment.  We are pleased to offer our patients the following services. Click the category for more information.

Crowns and Bridges

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown (aka cap). Crowns repair a tooth in the case of decay or fracture or to strengthen a tooth…
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Dentures and Partials

If you are missing all of your teeth or if all of your teeth need to be removed due to decay or gum disease, you may be a candidate for complete dentures.
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Tooth Extractions

Your doctor may recommend an extraction for several reasons. In some cases, decay or fracture results in the tooth being non-restorable. Other times,
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Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies arise at inopportune times, and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. When you experience a dental emergency, we are here to help.
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Dental Implants Near Roanoke, VA

Dental implants are gaining traction as the most desired solution for tooth replacement in Roanoke, Va. While other tooth replacement options like dentures,
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Root Canals

Root canals have always gotten a bad rap, but in reality they can be done quickly, comfortably, and can save a tooth from being extracted.
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Dental Fillings and Bonding

Today’s modern composite resins come in a variety of shades to make fillings and bondings blend seamlessly with the natural tooth.
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Gum Treatment

Healthy gums are a critical part of overall mouth health. Your gums are part of the supporting structures of your teeth known as the periodontal tissues.
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TMJ – In dental language TMJ stands for Temporo-Mandibluar-Joint.  This is the joint that your lower jaw, or mandible, shares with the temporal bone of your skull.
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Additional information about specific dental treatments may be found on the American Dental Association webpage Mouth Healthy.