Professional Teeth Whitening In Roanoke

Are you ready to reverse years of coffee and tea stains on your teeth? Do you miss the days when you teeth were less yellow? Are you getting ready for a special occasion and want your smile to look extra stunning? If you answered yes, professional teeth whitening is the solution!

There are many methods to whitening your teeth. Numerous variations of whitening toothpaste, stronger products such as Crest Whitestrips (which consists of 10-14% hydrogen peroxide), and even more home light source whitening devices. Each of these products yields varying levels of success.

Our Whitening Process

At our practice, we stand by the gold standard custom made whitening trays loaded with either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  Prior to treatment, we will take high quality photos of your teeth and we will make custom upper and lower trays. Your dentist will select a solution, concentration, and regimen that is appropriate for you and your teeth. You will be given all that you need to do at-home professional-grade tooth whitening. After 1 to 2 weeks, we will evaluate progress. Depending on results, we will decide whether to complete the treatment or select a different whitening agent.

There are several benefits of the at-home whitening approach. 1) you are in control of how much lighter your teeth become 2) If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, you can choose to wear the trays for shorter periods of time 3) you can easily and cheaply re-whiten your teeth with a “maintenance kit” if the whitening effects fade over time.

Almost all teeth can be whitened to a certain extent. We will evaluate your condition and advise you. If you have always wanted brighter teeth and a more confident smile, whitening may be for you. Ask us today and you can have your custom bleaching trays in one to two days.

Some patients have deeply stained teeth related to medications taken as a child (such as tetracycline). Even custom whitening trays may not be enough to whiten the teeth. For these severe cases, we offer KOR Whitening systems Ultra-T whitening treatment. This specific regimen includes in office conditioning, at home overnight whitening, and in office whitening components. The regimen was designed for to achieve whitening even for deeply stained teeth. Ask us about it!

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