Are you interested in a smile makeover, and want to learn about cosmetic dental options? Our doctors can help. Your smile is a unique and personal part of your life, and you deserve to be happy with it. Perhaps there is something that has always bothered you about your smile that you want to change, or maybe due to wear or aging your teeth no longer look the same. Cosmetic dentistry in Roanoke, VA offers the option to brighten, straighten, tweak, enhance or even totally recreate your smile. Our doctors will help you learn what cosmetic options are available and work with you to attain a smile that you love.
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Cosmetic Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns offer a long-lasting highly cosmetic way to change the size, shape, color, and position of your teeth. Modern materials include metal-free ceramics that can mimic the depth of color and light reflection of natural tooth enamel. Additionally, bridges and implant crowns offer the ability to replace a missing tooth or teeth with the same esthetics as before it was lost. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Irby have years of experience at making crowns looks natural. We work with the highest quality dental lab for ceramists cosmetic dentistry in Roanoke, VA. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Irby prefer to utilize Bay View Dental Lab due to their outstanding attention to detail.
Crowns and Bridges

Smile Makeover Using Veneers

Veneers are a popular conservative cosmetic treatment that can greatly enhance your smile. A major benefit of veneers are they require little or no loss of natural tooth structure. Veneers are a thin material made of either porcelain, ceramic material, or composite resin that are permanently adhered to the frontward facing portion of the tooth.

Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions for Everyone

At our practice, we believe everyone deserves to love his or her smile. Our teeth whitening process is easy and affordable. Ask us today if you are interested in teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry in Roanoke, VA.
Teeth Whitening

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Through Bonding

Many times the best cosmetic option is a simple, affordable dental bonding solution. Bonding procedures utilize tooth-colored restorative material, specifically shade-matched to your natural tooth color. The bonded material can be shaped to repair chipped, fractured, or rotated teeth, making them appear natural and esthetic. The bonded restoration is smoothed and polished to give you a vibrant, beautiful smile.
Dental Bonding

Digital Smile Design

Are you wondering what you would look like with a smile makeover? Digital Smile Design allows us to try out different cosmetic changes before doing any treatment! This is a useful tool that can be applied quickly, easily, and affordably. If you are happy with your Digital Smile Design, our doctors lead you to make your new smile a reality.
Teeth Whitening

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